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Law Office

Our Law Office Kreft Przewięda, Attorneys at Law, with its registered office in Gdynia, was created on the basis of the merger of the practices of two separate and rapidly developing law offices of the advocates, Mr Łukasz Kreft and Mr Bartosz Przewięda. The Partners decided to combine their experience, enthusiasm, and especially their passion in applying law in order to provide even more professional services for their Clients.

Adwokaci Bartosz Przewięda i Łukasz Kreft

The Law Office runs court and non-court cases in various, widely understood, sectors of law. In particular it deals with civil, business, commercial, family, labour, criminal, tax and administrative law. It also offers ongoing legal services for companies, as well as advisory services for individual undertakings.

We aim to provide legal services of the highest substantive quality, which means that each Client and its affairs are always treated individually.

Bartosz Przewięda

Łukasz Kreft


Łukasz Kreft, Advocate
Mobile: (+48) 660 404 330

Łukasz Kreft, Advocate

Registered in the list of advocates run by the Pomeranian Chamber of Advocates in Gdańsk, Poland. Graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Gdańsk. Completed a judge's internship at the Court of Appeal in Gdańsk, and was accredited with a very high grade for the judge's exam.

Deals with court and non-court cases. Provides legal services for entrepreneurs.

Before Mr Kreft set up his law office, for many years he had been cooperating with companies and law offices, gaining substantial experience particularly in providing services for business entities and running court cases.

Speaks English.

Bartosz Przewięda, Advocate
Mobile: (+48) 608 381 171

Bartosz Przewięda, Advocate

Registered in the list of advocates run by the Pomeranian Chamber of Advocates in Gdańsk, Poland. Graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Gdańsk.

Graduated from post-diploma studies in Polish and European Commercial Companies Law at the Warsaw School of Economics. Completed internship in the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law in Oslo, Norway.

Completed judge's internship at the Court of Appeal in Gdańsk and passed the judge's exam.

For many years Mr Przewięda was working in a renowned law office in Gdynia, where he gained substantial experience in running civil law cases (particularly connected with regaining of properties taken over by the State Treasury), criminal cases, as well as providing legal services for entrepreneurs including foreign entities.

Speaks legal English.

Scope of Services

Our Law Office provides services for individual clients. The services mostly include legal advice, representation before common courts and administrative courts, issuing legal opinions, representation before organs of public administration and defence in criminal matters.

As concerns business entities, our Law Office provides regular services including legal advice in ongoing activities of entrepreneurs, representation before organs of public administration, common courts and administrative courts.

/ Commercial companies law and services for business entities

Our Law Offices provides full legal advisory services connected with running a business. Legal services are provided for specific matters, and as an ongoing service. The services we offer cover:

  • assistance in choosing the appropriate form of running a business;
  • setting up partnerships and corporations: formulating drafts of Articles of Associations and other deeds of incorporation, Memorandums of Associations for joint stock companies, bylaws for supervisory boards and management boards, agreements between shareholders or partners;
  • registering and inserting changes in the National Court Register [KRS];
  • assistance in preparing and running of general shareholders' meetings, shareholders' meetings, meetings of supervisory boards and management boards; preparing drafts for resolutions;
  • advising and representing Clients in appealing against resolutions issued by the company's authority;
  • ongoing legal advice connected with running a business, including forming and issuing opinions on contents of agreements, issuing legal opinions, as well as negotiating and intermediating;
  • legal advice in dissolving and liquidating business entities.

/ Court proceedings

Our Law Office represents Clients - companies, natural persons, and other entities - before common courts of all instances: the Supreme Court, the Supreme Administrative Court and provincial administrative courts. We are able to represent you in all stages of the proceedings, including proceedings securing claims as well as enforcement proceedings. We also represent Clients in settlement negotiations, both before court proceedings and during them.

We also represent Clients in proceedings before arbitration tribunals, both in regular cases, and in ad hoc proceedings.

The most frequent cases in which we represent our Clients are civil, business, family and criminal proceedings.

/ Criminal law

Our Law Office provides full-range services in criminal law, minor offences, and tax law, including:

  • running of affairs during preparatory proceedings carried out by police and public prosecution;
  • defence of entities accused and charged with an offence during preparatory and court proceedings;
  • acting as an agent and auxiliary prosecutor for the aggrieved;
  • representation of the Clients in enforcement proceedings by making applications and complaints in cases for suspended sentences, early release and parole; pardon cases;
  • issuing a private indictment and representing the injured party in criminal proceedings.

Our Law Office ensures participation of an advocate acting as a defender, agent of auxiliary prosecutors, and private prosecutors in all stages of criminal proceedings.

/ Civil law

We undertake a number of activities within the civil law, particularly such as:

  • legal advice, consultations and explanations about the legal status;
  • issuing drafts of agreements;
  • legal advice and representation of the Clients in each stage of court proceedings;
  • issuing suits, writs, means of challenge and representing Clients before common courts and the Supreme Court.

/ Damages

We offer services in claiming damages, arising from various circumstances, including:

  • road accidents, claiming damages from insurers;
  • medical negligence;
  • infringement of personal interests;
  • wrongful administrative decisions and administrative omissions;
  • non-performance or defective performance of agreements;
  • non-contractual use of a property;
  • accidents at work;
  • illegal termination of employment contracts;
  • media law.

/ Properties

We offer property conveyancing services, including:

  • analysis of the legal condition of properties;
  • preparing and issuing opinions, as well as negotiating agreements on sales of properties;
  • proceedings before land and mortgage registration courts;
  • preparing and negotiating lease agreements on buildings and premises;
  • preparing and negotiating lease agreements on properties;
  • proceedings on return of properties taken over by the State Treasury;
  • representing Clients in proceedings on prescription;
  • representing Clients in proceedings on returning property or infringement of use.

/ Labour law

Our Office provides advisory services in individual cases covered by labour law, particularly as concerns:

  • issuing opinions concerning labour law;
  • negotiating and preparing employment contracts;
  • formulating agreements with members of the company's authorities, as well as managerial contracts;
  • preparing non-competition agreements;
  • representing employers and employees in court proceedings.

/ Dept collection

Our Office represents the Clients in debt collection cases, which includes issuing calls for payment, drafting of understandings, negotiations, issuing of writs and representing the Clients in court and enforcement proceedings.

/ Family law

As concerns family law, our Office represents its Clients in court proceedings, assists in drafting marital property agreements and advises in cases concerning common property of spouses. Our main activities include:

  • divorce and annulment of marriage;
  • separation;
  • exercising of parental authority and determining contacts with minor children;
  • dissolution of the common property regime of the spouses and distribution of the common property;
  • maintenance;
  • denial of paternity and annulment of acknowledging parentage.

/ Bankruptcy and rehabilitation law

Our Office represents the Clients in bankruptcy and rehabilitation proceedings. Our assistance includes:

  • preparing bankruptcy petitions on behalf of the bankrupt and the creditors;
  • representing the bankrupt in the bankruptcy proceedings;
  • representing the creditors in the bankruptcy proceedings;
  • preparing drafts of agreements in bankruptcy proceedings;
  • representing entrepreneurs in rehabilitation proceedings;
  • preparing motions and representing creditors in proceedings on prohibiting the carrying on of a business;
  • representing shareholders and members of companies' bodies in proceedings on prohibiting the carrying on of a business.

/ Gaming activities

Our Office provides advisory services and represents entities in the scope specified by the Gaming Act of 29 November 2009.


The remuneration is agreed individually with each Client, taking into account the complexity of a given case and the time required to run it. It is possible to agree one of the two ways of calculating the remuneration:

Lump sum

The remuneration is strictly specified in the agreement, by agreeing a specific amount for running a given case or performing specific actions covered by the scope of the relevant order.

Hourly rate

The agreement specifies an hourly rate for the advocate's work and the remuneration's value depends on the amount of time spent on performing the order. This system may be applied when it is not possible to specify the scope of actions required to perform the order.

The remuneration for conducting court cases is agreed individually with each Client.

The cost of a single piece of legal advice is agreed in advance, depending on the complexity of the matter.


Kreft Przewięda

Kancelaria Adwokatów Spółka Jawna

ul. Świętojańska 89/6The corner of Świętojańska and Armii Wojska Polskiego streets
81-381 Gdynia, Poland
(+48) 660 404 330
(+48) 608 381 171
+48 58 621 64 80
586 226 3332

Location and directions to the law office Kreft Przewięda in Gdynia

Office Hours

Monday - Friday from 3 p.m. until 6 p.m. It is possible to arrange a meeting at a time convenient for the Client, by prior agreement by telephone or e-mail.

Bank account

Number of account: 76 1140 2017 0000 4202 1233 5354

IBAN: PL 76 1140 2017 0000 4202 1233 5354



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